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Driving Lessons in Whitley Bay, North Shields, Tynemouth, Monkseaton and Earsdon.

Phil Charleton Driving Tuition

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Learner Driver Training, Advanced Driver Training, Pass Plus, Intensive Courses, Refresher Training, Block Booking Discount, Theory Tuition Provided

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Tynemouth, Whitley Bay, North Shields, Cullercoats, Benton, Longbenton, Killingworth, Earsdon

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NE12, NE25, NE26, NE27, NE29, NE30

Phil Charleton LDC

tel: 0191 257 4888
mobile: 07904 510208

First 4 hours for £70

Phil Charleton Driving Tuition

I have been a fully qualified, DSA approved, Driving Instructor since 2005 and I use the LD System, providing a well-designed driving course so that you learn quickly and effectively.

Discounts are given for block bookings.

Learning materials are included. Lessons can start or finish at home, work, college, school, or a Metro station in my area.

My car is a Ford Fiesta, with a manual gearbox, air conditioning, and dual controls. The driving seat is fully adjustable for height. My pupils find it a great car to learn in.

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I also do semi-intensive courses where you receive 30 hours training, learning materials and your first attempt at the driving test included in the price.

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Are you nervous about driving, or the driving test?

It is normal to feel nervous about learning to drive, but there is no need to worry. We take things at a pace to suit you, and people tend to find that they enjoy their first lesson much more than they expect.

If someone continues to have problems with nerves, I refer them to a therapist who specialises in helping nervous drivers and this is usually very successful.

Testimonials from my driving pupils:

Annabel H, Monkseaton"I would definitely recommend Phil to anyone who is thinking about learning to drive. He is a great driving instructor; very patient, calm and encouraging. With Phil's help and confidence in me, I passed my driving test first time! Thanks again, Phil!"
Annabel H, Monkseaton.

Matthew C, Shiremoor"Phil is a great instructor who I would thoroughly recommend. Having had no prior driving experience, he helped me pass my test first time after only a few weeks of lessons through his semi-intensive course. He was punctual to every lesson, easy to get along with, and progressed through the lessons at a great pace. I never felt the need to learn at a faster rate, nor did I feel I was wasting time on areas in which I was already competent. I ended up passing relatively comfortably, taking the test without any real nerves because of the confidence I'd gained learning with Phil. Would definitely recommend!"
Matthew C, Shiremoor.

Kate M, Cullercoats"Phil is a fantastic instructor and was consistently well prepared during our lessons. Learning to drive became less daunting when accompanied by Phil, his relaxing and understanding manner calmed my nerves both in lessons and the day of the test. Phil has a brilliant way of instructing to which i would recommend to anyone! Thank you for helping me gain my confidence in driving and successfully pass my test first time!"
Kate M, Cullercoats.

Rachel Q, Whitley Bay"I loved learning with Phil, he didn't just teach me how to pass a test but how to drive in real life situations. I feel confident driving now!"
Rachel Q, Whitley Bay.

Ben, North Shields"I would definitely recommend driving lessons with Phil. The course prepared me well for the test yet there was still a good emphasis on areas of driving not required for the test, but that would help to make me a better driver in the future. The course was well structured and had a good pace, while not going to fast as to damage confidence in driving."
Ben, North Shields.

Leigh, North Shields"Passing my test 1st time with only two minors wouldn't have been possible without Phil. I can't recommend him enough! If you are looking for a driving instructor who is extremely patient, calm even when we had a few near misses with buses, friendly, understanding and professional, then Phil's your man. I started out lacking in confidence and was very nervous but Phil persisted and built up my confidence over time enough to take my test and pass! Thanks Phil!"
Leigh, North Shields.

Sean, Monkseaton"Great instructor, well prepared for the whole test would definitely recommend."
Sean, Monkseaton.

Orrin R, Cullercoats"Thank you so much Phil. Great instructor who managed to get me to pass my practical driving test first time and I could not have done it without you, the lessons with you were great and the way you explained everything was easy to understand and made everything a lot simpler. I would recommend you to everyone I know who isnít already driving. Thanks again."
Orrin R, Cullercoats.

Siona A, Whitley Bay"I would highly recommend Phil as a driving instructor. I was both nervous and lacking in confidence when I started driving. Phil's calm manner, clear instructions and confidence in my ability enabled me to progress quickly. Due to his teaching I felt prepared when it came to taking my test, his method of teaching gave me the opportunity to experience a wide variety of driving scenarios. I passed within a few months of starting to learn."
Siona A, Whitley Bay.

Peter A, Whitley Bay"Phil is very friendly, calm and patient. He uses well structured lessons with the LD system. Having two hour lessons was very useful as it allowed me to learn quicker. Everything is explained well and you learn at your own pace. When he felt I was ready he booked the test and I passed first time having had no previous driving experience."
Peter A, Whitley Bay.

Ben N, North Shields"I would definitely recommend driving lessons with Phil. The course prepared me well for the test yet there was still a good emphasis on areas of driving not required for the test, but that would help to make me a better driver in the future. The course was well structured and had a good pace, while not going to fast as to damage confidence in driving."
Ben N, North Shields.

Pui W, Whitley Bay"I am a nervous driver but Phil has been a great and calm driving instructor. Managed to pass the driving test on my first time. Definitely will recommend him as a very good driving instructor."
Pui W, Whitley Bay.

Danielle S, Whitley Bay"I would definitely recommend Phil for anyone learning to drive, especially if you get nervous and struggle with confidence. I tend to get very anxious although I hide it well and never once was I made to feel stupid for making a mistake. He was very good at making me feel at ease, explaining things and building my confidence. I did the intensive course over 2 weeks and managed to pass first time! :) "
Danielle S, Whitley Bay.

Aisha K, North Shields"There's a wealth of driving instructors out there but having lessons with Phil helped me gain my confidence in the car. Informative, patient and professional, he has a great relaxed teaching style that really prepares you for when you pass. He taught me on routes that are relevant to my day to day and gave helpful tips on how to remember the rules of the road. Few months later I have my full license and now know a bit about bird watching. Cheers Phil!"
Aisha K, North Shields.

Dan A, Whitley Bay"I had a great series of lessons with Phil. I was quite nervous to begin with but he made me feel dead at ease. He explained everything thoroughly and never rushed me. This prepared me well for my test which I passed first time. I'd recommend him to anyone."
Dan A, Whitley Bay.

Olivia R, Whitley Bay"Thanks to Phil, I passed my test first time. He makes you feel so confident and comfortable when driving. He's relaxed and has a lot of patience. I would honestly recommend Phil to anybody learning how to drive."
Olivia R, Whitley Bay.

Tracey O, Wallsend"I would highly recommend Phil wholeheartedly. He is very patient, keeps things calm and always understanding. He's always friendly and gives you plenty of confidence to drive well. He's a great instructor and being independent, I would say that's the best way forward. I will always give his name to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thanks Phil."
Tracey O, Wallsend.

Dan A, Whitley Bay"My first instructor went on holiday and ignored my messages that asked him to start my lessons back up again, seemingly he had given up on me. I'm so glad he did because I wouldn't have enrolled in the Phil Charleton Driving School. I learnt more with Phil in 2 hours than I did with 7 of my previous instructor. The way he built my confidence was incredible as I started out with very little. He hasn't just taught me how to drive to pass my test, but how to drive for life. I cannot recommend Phil enough and I will be bringing up his name if anyone I talk to is in need of a brilliant driving teacher."
Dan A, Whitley Bay.

Leah F, Shiremoor"I couldn't recommend Phil enough, he was a brilliant teacher! I can be quite an anxious person but Phil made me feel so at ease and it really built up my confidence which resulted in me passing first time. He way always calm even when I did try to ruin his tyres driving over a rather large pothole! His lessons are well structured and he takes the time to make sure you get to grips with every aspect of driving. If you are looking for an instructor who is patient, honest, friendly and professional then look no further!"
Leah F, Shiremoor.

Max L, Whitley Bay"Phil has been a great help for the whole time I've been driving with him. His relaxed and calm manner makes you feel reassured when you make mistakes. If you're someone like me who was new to driving then Phil is the person I'd reccomend. He goes through everything at your own pace and his methodical approach means you don't miss anything you can get tested on. Before my test he went over everything I'd asked for and ensured I was confident prior to starting."
Max L, Whitley Bay.

Chris G, Whitley Bay"I passed my driving test first time with Phil's excellent teaching. I'd taken lessons with other instructors before but always got bored and never stuck with it. Thanks to Phil's patient, friendly and clear guidance, I enjoyed the lessons for the first time and was motivated to keep going. He was very good at building my confidence at the same time as giving me advice on areas to improve. He made the manoeuvres seem a lot simpler by explaining them really well. Would definitely recommend Phil to anyone. Thanks Phil!"
Chris G, Whitley Bay.

Callum S, Whitley Bay"I would recommend Phil to any one as a driving instructor as he has a lot of patience and understands that every one learns at their own pace."
Callum S, Whitley Bay.

Claire J, Cullercoats"All I can say is Phil is a fantastic driving instructor. His expertise and limitless patience increased my confidence in my ability to drive. His lessons are well structured; follow methodically, and offered all the support necessary to enable my development to proficient driver. Highly recommended. Thanks Phil!"
Claire J, Cullercoats.

Jade W, Wallsend"103837% guarantee I would recommend Phil as he has helped my confidence grow so much with the short space of time I practiced / drove with Phil and it's amazing how I passed within that short time considering it was my third time!"
Jade W, Wallsend.

Emily B, Monkseaton"In just under 4 months Phil helped me pass my driving test first time and has turned me into a confident driver, which I never thought would be possible. I was extremely nervous about driving due to having quite a negative experience with a previous instructor and suffering from anxiety. This resulted in me hating driving but Phil was fantastic in calming my nerves and helped me learn to love it. He was extremely professional, friendly, tolerant (regardless of the circumstances) and explained everything in simple enough terms to make sure I understood every aspect of driving. I struggled with manoeuvres but Phil showed me step by step techniques to perfect them and I use these everyday. I am very busy due to my demanding timetable but Phil was great at fitting me in and working around this, making sure I always had at least 1x2 hour lesson a week. I couldn't recommend Phil more!"
Emily B, Monkseaton.

Danny M, North Shields"Phil is by nature an excellent Teacher, who, guides you through each lesson with clear direction and incredible patience. He is good at keeping you focused and he teaches in a way that is straight forward and easy to put into practice and remember! Phil is one of lifes true Gentleman without reservation and I would not hesitate to recommend him whatever your driving aspirations!"
Danny M, North Shields.

Anthony R, Monkseaton"Phil is an amazing driving instructor, he is extremely calm and patient, I have had a lot of fun learning to drive with Phil and I've had no problems at all contacting him when ever I need help or advice and he was always able to help when ever I needed it, my lessons were well structured so that it's easier to learn. He has the amazing ability to work with time as my lessons always started and finished when they were supposed to no matter what lesson we were doing, I'd happily recommended him to anyone wanting to learn to drive as I know they'd get great help and have a lot of fun and amazing time learning to drive with Phil."
Anthony R, Monkseaton.

Sam R, Whitley Bay"Phil was a great driving instructor, not only did his guidance allow me to pass first time, but it made me feel very comfortable driving as a whole. I can't recommend phil enough as his teaching is second to none and I'm sure he could help absolutely anyone pass no matter their ability."
Sam R, Whitley Bay.

Leon E, North Shields"He is patient and thoughtful, guiding your learning experience in such a way that means you never feel daunted or uncomfortable. I started my learning from scratch and was a relatively slow-learner (as i initially struggled with the basics).
Despite this, I still managed to pass first-time, which I attribute primarily to Phil's tutorage."
Leon E, North Shields.

Christine D, Whitley Bay"I really felt sorry for Phil when my partner booked lessons for me, I thought, this poor man does not know what he is taking on.
But he has the patience of a saint, and managed to stay calm throughout my lessons. He was able to build my confidence and I was able to pass my test. Thanks Phil, I would highly recommend you any day. Hope this is ok and that you enjoyed the cake."
Christine D, Whitley Bay.

Chris F, Holy Cross"Phil is an excellent instructor, his patience and commitment with me was top notch I couldnít have asked for a better instructor.
Phil is very professional and methodical in his instruction which I found extremely useful and definitely helped me get to grips with everything very quickly. Every time that I thought that I would never be able to get the hang of it or pass the test Phil was there to encourage and support me?which motivated me better myself. Phil was always early for our lessons and always willing to make changes to his schedule to accommodate further lessons. I will definitely be recommending Phil to my friends and will encourage them to do the same."
Chris F, Holy Cross.

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Congratulations to some of our recent passes!

Liam R, Whitley BayLiam R, Whitley Bay

Liam did very well and having a driving licence will help him in looking for a job as a computer games designer, now that he has finished his degree.

Chris P, MonkseatonChris P, Monkseaton

Chris was very pleased to pass as he can do his share of the driving.

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